Race information

Below you can read all the details about the 2024 CPH Coast Half Marathon

You can run 21 KM, which starts at the southwest tip at 10:30 AM or about 10 km, which starts at Islands Brygge and takes you on a tour around the city. View the route under our race in the Trailman menu “Cph Coast Half” with a starting time for 10 km at 11:30 AM. If you purchase a bus ticket, there will be an opportunity for transport from Islands Brygge to the southwest tip. The bus stops at Halfdansgade number 1. Here, it’s also possible to leave a bag, so you have dry clothes when you finish.

Your luggage will be stored at Islands Brygge, so you can change clothes when you finish. We plan to drive you to the bus, which departs precisely at 09:30 AM. These drivers are very punctual with the schedule. We recommend that you wear plenty of warm clothes, as there may be a little waiting time at the start.

When you discard your clothes at the starting area, we collect them for the benefit of the homeless. This year’s route consists of forest paths and flat forest trails; it’s not a trail like on Trailman. This race is flat as a pancake and also includes asphalt on the route, including the dyke and when we reach the city at the finish line. This race can be run in regular running shoes.

Cph Coast Half is an exciting half marathon that takes place along the fantastic coastal landscapes around Copenhagen. It’s a running event that attracts runners from all over the world.

With its unique route that combines Northern Europe’s largest nature reserve and urban charm, Cph Coast Half offers participants a truly memorable experience.

The race begins at the southwest tip, where runners embark on a journey through nature and end in the city. The route winds along the coast, and here participants get breathtaking views of the Baltic Sea and picturesque coastal towns.

Cph Coast Half is known for its well-organized event management and enthusiastic spectator support.

Supply stations are strategically located along the route and provide fluids and energy to ensure that participants perform their best.

Whether you’re an experienced runner aiming for a personal record, or a first-time participant seeking a memorable challenge, Cph Coast Half has something for everyone.

The event celebrates the spirit of running and community and brings together individuals of all fitness levels and backgrounds.

All in all, Cph Coast Half promises an exciting adventure that combines the joy of running with breathtaking coastal landscapes and a warm community. It’s an event that continues to inspire and unite runners from all over the world.